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It is best to keep silver jewellery away from wood, newspaper, rubber, or latex which causes tarnish on the silver surface.

To slow down silver tarnishing, clean your silver jewellery after wearing it. Oils and sweat from your skin accumulate on the surface of silver and can predispose it to oxidisation. Use warm water to wash your jewellery items gently and dry them with a soft cloth. You can also delay tarnishing by regularly polishing your silver jewellery.

Store silver jewellery in a dry, sun-protected, plastic bag without air. Avoid items scratching each other in a bag.

Remove jewellery when you shower, bathe, swim, clean or colour your hair – chemical agents can cause tarnishing and damage your jewellery.

Putting on jewellery should be the last thing in the morning and jewellery removal the first thing when you go to bed.

For tarnished silver, you can use a silver polishing cloth to gently remove the tarnish. A liquid cleaning solution called ‘silver dip’ or ‘silver sparkle’ is another very efficient way to remove very tarnished surfaces. Although, please avoid submerging silver items longer than the instructions say so as this may damage the silver surface. Please make sure to clean the item thoroughly with plenty of running water after cleaning and dry the surface before storing.

Oxidised Silver
Oxidised silver means that the silver surface has been darkened to a lovely black/grey surface by the process of a solution like patina or sulphur.

I always apply museum quality wax to seal the oxidised silver surface though as you wear the jewellery, naturally it starts showing polished shiny edges which is also the beauty of oxidised silver in time.

I also offer jewellery cleaning or refinishing of oxidised silver if required, please contact me for further details and costs.

Enamelled items
Enamel is the surface of glass fire coated metal. If you find any dirt on the surface, please use a slightly dampened cloth or cotton bud to gently wipe off the dirt.

Please avoid dropping or knocking the enamelled jewellery which may damage the enamelled surface.

When you store, please avoid the enamelled jewellery getting scratched or damaged by being stored with other jewellery items.

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