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Artist Support Pledge

Artist Support Pledge

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Inspired by thousands of artists and makers joining this amazing action generated by an artist Matthew Burrows, I have started taking part in the Artist Support Pledge.

When I hopefully reach £1000 in sales by this online pledge, I’ll spend £200 for buying other artists’ work + donate £50 to a mental health charity – Mind.

Please find some of my already posted items for this support pledge on my instagram, thank you!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many artists have found themselves without work, teaching, technical support and gallery work.
Exhibitions and sales have disappeared.
In an attempt to help alleviate some of this stress Matthew Burrow Studio has instigated the Artist Support Pledge.

The concept is a simple one. Artists post images of their work, on Instagram which they are willing to sell for no more than £200 each (not including shipping). Anyone can buy the work. Every time an artist reaches £1000 of sales, they pledge to spend £200 on another artist/s work.

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